The Great Escape

  The vigorous hand-shake from Skipper Dan once the helicopter touched down on the top-deck helipad was firm and welcoming.  His next comment, “We are going to set some crab pots, do you want to come?” set the tone for an action...

14 May 2018

The Art and Science of choosing a Camp Site

One of the most challenging aspects of a camping journey is choosing an appropriate camp location and then campsite.  The longer the intended stay in any one location the more critical the exercise becomes.  Having now been on the road...

2 May 2018

The Road Less Travelled

Sometimes things happen for a reason.     After two nights camped on green lawn under shady trees at the G’Day Mate Caravan Park in Alice Springs, our plan was to head north and turn left onto the Buchanan Highway to take a short cut...

27 April 2018
Bush Camp

Home to the Border

All sailors know that leaving port on a Friday is not a good idea, so to leave on a five month camping adventure on Friday 13th was always going to be asking for trouble.   Fortunately for us, trouble just came in the form of some wild weather.     Travelling...

19 April 2018

The Shake Down

25 March 2018